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How available is your website host?

Your clients have constant access to your website. For your business to remain relevant, Smithy understands the necessity of consistent website content adjustment, improvement, and flexibility.

Website hosting services for small businesses with Smithy or any business for that matter is all about AWS web hosting. Why? Because we sell dependability and know that website hosting with Amazon Web Services is as steady as it gets.

Migrate your website to a dependable host today.


Find a new home for your website

If you are looking to migrate your website to WordPress, we have the website migration service you need! The process will take around a day and we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Your site should be ready to flex as soon as you decide to make changes. If your website does not keep up with the life of your business, what message are you sending?

Move things around to the benefit of your business

Keep your site with a host that is ready for change the moment you realize you need it.

Sometimes, it’s just that simple

Start website migration with Smithy today.

Use Smithy Web Services for website hosting and benefit from an expert team that provides around-the-clock website assistance for your company.