Smithy Process Flow


1. The Conversation

The part where we get to know you

There are humans behind every business. Usually, they have specific goals, thoughts, ideas...and questions. We want to know everything in order to build products that meet your company's needs, goals, and bottom line. We are happy to talk with you and help answer all questions.


2. The SEO Audit

The part where we do our research

What's going on with your website? we take a look under the hood and show you what we find. Whether you have an existing website or need a brand new one, we will research your competition to find a clear picture of how your website SEO matches up. This is not a casual exploration, there are usually around 12 pages of data per website.

The audit is yours to own, yours to keep


3. The Planner

The part where we organize your website

We start at the beginning and put everything in its right place. We give a simple page-by-page flow of your website structure, URL titles included. Now you can easily see where all your pages sit in relation to your other pages. Type A people of the world, this is for you.

The planner is yours to own, yours to keep


4. The Spreadsheet

The part where we put all your website content in one place.

Every page in the spreadsheet listed includes the following data: URL, page title, purpose, title tag, audience, meta description, keywords, content, copy meta tags, images, internal links, social media, wireframes

The spreadsheet is yours to own, yours to keep


5. The Design

The part where we bring in a website designer

We make websites that are pretty with a purpose. Our designer uses the spreadsheet to create page wireframes. All the content and flow is there, now we need to make it really shine with a design that perfectly matches your website's purpose.

The website design is yours to own, yours to keep


6. The Software

The part where we bring in software developers

Now's the time to build software with care. Our developers have flow, content, design, and every detail needed for quick website development turnaround.

All software is yours to own, yours to keep


7. The Support

The part where we complete and continue

We don't stop improving your website. As long as it represents Smithy, you can depend on our services. We provide constant SEO upkeep, analytics, error corrections, relevant content updates, and more through our report portal so that your website stays relevant and easy-to-find online. Log in anytime and check your status.

All data collected is yours to own, yours to keep.