SEO Services Tyler Texas


What does your website need to say to get noticed?

If you do not know what Search Engine Optimization is, we are betting that somehow you still know that it matters.

Smithy’s SEO-driven content is relatable, readable, and perfect for local businesses. If not, copy tends to feel a little too…robotic. Irritating. Irksome.

Websites with SEO services are committed to the long game. They stand out from the crowd and rise to the top of search results.

At Smithy, we keep SEO marketing human while Google notices and rewards all ranking words that we strategically place throughout your website. We have a team equipped with the skills to play ball with any local SEO service or SEO agency in Tyler, Texas (to be specific.)

We might not be the best SEO company of all time, but we did just use 6 ranking keywords in the last paragraph.

A closer look at SEO

Bad SEO happens all the time. For example...

A software company finds ranking SEO words for their business and adds them to their website copy:
"We are software developers who develop software for your software development needs."

So they try again but quickly realize the content looks redundant:
"We are software developers that develop great software for your company."

They eventually realize the better solution — hire human SEO experts that unite necessity with humanity:
"Our expert software developers meet goals, control costs, and free up resources."

Nailed it.
Companies benefit from prioritizing SEO content on their websites every day. At Smithy, we specialize in the relational aspect of on-page SEO that is not often utilized.

SEO content does not have to be implemented at the expense of sounding like a human.
The two methods work best when working together.