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How to recover your website from a google penalty

Every year, Google tightens the rules on what’s acceptable – and what’s not. The search engine giant won’t hesitate to deploy penalties to websites that offer subpar content, participate in sketchy SEO activities, or perpetuate inappropriate language.  

Google prefers to share only the highest quality links in its search results for its users. If your site fails to meet expectations in one way or another, your website would be penalized for the same.  

Unfortunately, many website owners are unsure where to begin addressing the issues that have resulted in these penalties. So many websites resign themselves to lower search rankings in SERPs – but you don’t have to. Our SEO service experts in Tyler Texas helps you get out of penalty!

What is Google Penalty?

Google penalty is a punishment imposed on a website whose content conflicts with the marketing practices followed by Google. Penalties can be imposed as a result of an update to Google's ranking algorithm, or a manual review that finds that your web page uses "black hat" SEO tactics.   

The result of getting a penalty can be devastating. They usually cause your rankings to drop in the SERPS, significantly less web traffic, or, in extreme cases, being completely de-indexed.  

Types of Google Penalty  

There are three main penalties you can get.  

  1. Manual Action  
  2. Algorithm Penalty  
  3. Bad Backlinks  

Within each type, there are several reasons why your site may have been penalized. We’ll delve into some of the most common ones below.  

Recover from a Google Penalty

1. Manual Action or Algorithmic Penalty?  

If you were manually penalized by a Google employee, you will see an activity report on your Google console. You will be required to explain the reason for the penalized action in a “Google Reconsideration Request". If you have noticed your traffic, drop significantly but have not received a message, it is likely to be an algorithmic penalty. This means that the search engine itself has been designed to penalize certain taboo actions. It can be difficult to figure out what went wrong when no living human has leveled a strike against you. But there is a way to get an answer. Check Google Algorithm Change History. There, you will find a complete list of changes to their search algorithm. Looking it over carefully, you might be able to spot the violation that your website has committed, and remedy it.  

2. Bad Backlinks  

If your website has low-quality links or links to sites that Google has banned, it could result in a manual or algorithmic penalty. Links to the following types of sites are frowned upon:  

  • Banned sites  
  • Duplicate content  
  • Sites unrelated to your content  
  • Forum profiles  
  • Spammy comments  
  • Sites with little content  
  • Sites with old content  
  • Advertorials  
  • Hidden text  
  • Adult oriented or gambling sites  

The vast majority of Google penalties are generated by low-quality backlinks. If you have received a penalty for bad links, you should remove the link and contact Google support for guidance on how to remove the penalty.   

There are some online google penalty checker tools also available to check your website is penalized by Google or not. For more information on Google penalties, how to recover from them, and to receive your free Google penalty test, get in touch with us today. Our team can help rescue your site from the Google doghouse. 

Whether it’s a manual or algorithmic penalty, you will have to analyze your website’s backlinks and identify the ones that caused your rankings to drop. Once you spot out the links, try to remove them, and disavow the ones that you cannot delete.  

To be successful in SEO, you must follow Google’s Algorithm to avoid search engine penalties. SEO can be an extensive process, but following a white-hat strategy is the sure way for success.  

Looking to improve your SEO strategy? Our SEO Company Tyler Texas provides you with ethical and effective SEO best practices!  

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