A team of web content and development experts.

Enough is enough

"Do you know anyone who can make a website for me?"

"I need a website. Who do you suggest?"

"You guys are great at software development, but what about websites?"

KnackForge is a software development company with over 80 employees and decades of experience. To say they are good at what they do is an understatement. They are doing it right. They love their employees and customers. Their clients have asked the same questions about website development time and time again. They were listening and decided to create an answer for their customers. They wanted to provide a solution for this recurring need.

Smithy exists in response to the needs of a community asking for help.

Smithy at your service.

A breath of fresh air for web content creation

KnackForge employees are proven-successful software development, WordPress, AWS, and SEO experts. These techy skillsets are their passion and profession. But in order to build the all-inclusive website, hosting, and analytics product that clients are asking for, KnackForge needed another kind of expert to add the right voice to their team.

The right team

KnackForge and Smithy work together to build intentional, error-free websites that tell the right story in the right way. They are led by Smithy's Creative Director who is enthusiastic about everyone, all the time, without exception. The Creative Director leads the Smithy team from a rare perspective of copywriter and studio artist, with a proven record of Public Relations proficiency and a Master of Arts, Communication degree to boot.

We are not a one-man (or woman) show

We are not a person that can (or claims) do it all.

We are the right team for the job and are ready for anything.

We are developers, SEO experts, UX designers, copywriters, content developers, and communication strategists that work together to create a voice for your website that speaks on your behalf better than you can speak for yourself.

The only jobs we have are the jobs we are best at. We let other people do other stuff. Smithy is open for business and working for you quite literally around the clock. Work with us and you will quickly see the benefit and productivity of teamwork.


Start getting through.


Affect your outcomes.

Does your website set your business apart? Do your customers remember what they’ve seen as they continue scrolling endlessly, or do they just go down the rabbit hole, clicking...



Every business needs a website, and your website should stand out from the crowd. In 2021 that crowd is growing exponentially, with no end in sight.